Community Participators

Striving for the greater good.

Community Participators, Promoting access to Justice and Human Rights

Community Participators intend to develop a broad range of services both to private individuals, NGOs, companies, and other organisations. However, our commitment to the principles of fairness and equality , the promotion of Human Rights (including socio-economic rights) and to promoting access to justice, remains our beacon in all that we do.

We are presently engaged in an initiative to promote access to justice in Zimbabwe through the use of Mediation as an alternative dispute resolution process and to that end have established a non –profit organisation , Conflict Solutions Trust, which provides mediation services by accredited mediators , in a wide range of dispute areas.

Equal Employment & Diversity

Our goal is to be an equal opportunity firm. We are committed to equality and diversity. We use our best endeavours to create a work environment in which all of our people are seen as individuals and feel able to achieve their maximum potential.

Environmental sustainability

As community participators,  we are conscious of our social responsibility to Environmental Sustainability and we take initiatives to engage local authorities on environmental issues and to contribute to the developing and important area of Environmental Law. We have taken particular interest in fighting for the protection of the Wetlands in Harare as part of our social responsibility.